We were introduced to Oakman Inns by Alex Ford on his transition to the company. Our first task was to work with Malcolm Schooling on formulating a sound system format that could be adopted across the estate. The company policy on TVs is a minimalist provision in the trade area and premium in their high quality hotel rooms.

Oakman Inns, the company, invest a lot of money into high value refurbishments, ensuring that each site has a stamp of uniqueness to which the customer can readily identify. They do not hold back on getting this unique aspect across. More recently, they completed The Lost Boy in Farnham. The garden was designed by  Kate Gould, a Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist and the stairwell wall paper is bespoke, (I remember speaking with the decorator who was putting up this expensive wall paper, and he was very nervous!).

Our relationship with Oakman Inns and the team they have created is strong. We look forward to a bright future with them.